M3M 65TH AVENUE Sector 65, Gurgaon

Q : Kindly Confirm the Exact Location of the M3M 65th Avenue?
Mayra, Delhi  Date: 4 Mar, 2020
Reply : M3M 65th Avenue is located in Sector 65, Golf Course Extension Road, Gurgaon  # 9891700111
Q : What is the price range of M3M 65th Avenue?
Akhil, Delhi Date: 28 Feb 2020
Reply : The price range of M3M 65th Avenue is 45.0 Lacs. to 3.0 Cr. #9891700111
Q : Please send the Floor plan/ layout plan of M3M 65th Avenue?
Kuldeep  Jha, Delhi Date: 4 Jan, 2020
Reply : For pictures/layout please click on this link :-http://visionplusproperties.com/m3m-65th-avenue/floor-plan.php  # 9891700111
Q : How many units are available in M3M 65th Avenue?
Preeti Yadav, Faridabad Date: 12 Dec, 2019
Reply : The project has a total of 450 units # 9891700111
Q : What is the size or area range of M3M 65th Avenue?
Aman, Ghaziabad  Date: 8 Dec, 2019
Reply : The size range of M3M 65th Avenue ranges between 400 to 5000 Sq.Ft # 9891700111

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